Case9330 - WABI-SABI

WABI-SABI by Cristóbal Vila (CG Artist, Vimeo)


There is a “BEHIND THE SCENES” video here on Vimeo

For more information about this project go to Cristóbal's site and also to his blog

Percussion theme: “Tatakai No Taiko” by Joe Hisaishi © 1997 Studio Ghibli / Tokuma Japan Communications

Shakuhachi, biwa, shinobue & chorus: “O Gloriosa Domina - Amen” by Jordi Savall - La Capella Reial de Catalunya © 2011 Alia Vox

Soundtrack mixed by Cristóbal Vila. Thanks to my friends: Chechu Martínez [ ] and Luis Díaz-Faes [ ]

Concept and Images by Cristóbal Vila

A Micropolar Material Model for Turbulent SPH Fluids
Density Maps
Density Maps for Improved SPH Boundary Handling
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ACM SIGGRAPH / EUROGRAPHICS SCA paper on divergence-free SPH
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Ad featuring nice flocks of paper sheets
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VFX: fire, smoke, foam.
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The official movie trailer of "Jack et la mécanique du cœur"
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Compilation of R&D and Look Development
Plexus Production Opener
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Playmobil - Drachenherzen
VFX: fire, smoke, debris, etc.
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Glasser's 2013 Concert Tour.
Project Kronos
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Nissan Pathfinder 2013
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MTV EMA 2011
Jules Vernes would be proud… or turn in his grave.
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The fifth official music video of electro artist Krause.
Yu Jaeho emFluid4 Liquid
Test rendering of a demo scene using Arnold and SItoA.