emTools Addon / Plugin / Extension (v.1.966)
Compatibility:Fabric Engine 2.1, Fabric Engine 2.2, Fabric Engine 2.3, SItoA + Arnold, Softimage 2012, Softimage 2013, Softimage 2014, Softimage 2015
License Model:Freeware, requires no license manager.

Price per Seat: this plugin is freeware.

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emTools is a free collection of tools containing things like:

  • Softimage ICE compounds.
  • Softimage Custom ICE nodes.
  • Fabric Engine KL constants, functions and presets.
  • Arnold Shaders.
  • Shader compounds.
  • Custom commands.
  • Joystick device driver.

Certain things in emTools are used by the other plugins and it is therefore highly recommended to install this plugin and to make sure you have a fairly recent version of it installed.

There is no risk updating emTools. Much care is taken to keep it 100% backward compatible!

Video Tutorials

Convert Lines into Positions
Convert Lines into Positions
New Stuff and Liquid Particle Shaper
New Stuff and Liquid Particle Shaper
Walk Through New Stuff
Some of the new features, such as "NaN", "File Exists", "Objects to Spheres", etc.
Walk Through New Stuff
A look at the new things in emTools version 1.33.
Walk Through the Compounds
Walk through the compounds of emTools version 1.1.

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